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If you’ve always been looking for a way to increase your Bitcoins, you’ve come to the right place. This is possible with master nodes, even with really good returns: In the last 6 months it was always between 5-10% per month!

Interest aroused? Then read my experience report about the master nodes pool at the provider Getnode.

Master nodes Basics:

First of all I want to give you a little insight into the world of master nodes. Nodes are used for verification and storage of transactions in decentralized networks. These nodes are represented by servers that run around the clock. Master nodes have additional functions such as the processing of confidential transactions and instant transactions. They also have voting rights within the decentralized network.

In summary, master nodes increase the security and speed of a network, which is why their holders are rewarded with rewards (a certain number of coins of the crypto currency). The best known master node coin is Dash.

You can generally invest in 3 different ways:

  • Setting up your own master nodes: For this you have to hold a prescribed number of coins of the currency and provide a server (24/7) on which the master nodes runs. Therefore this investment is often quite expensive for individuals and the necessary know-how is often missing.
  • Master node sharing: With some providers it is possible to share master node. So you only invest a certain amount of money and are therefore involved on a percentage basis. With this investment you should have a good knowledge about the current situation of the Coins and the cryptomarket to make a selection and to be able to assess the risks better.
  • Master nodes pool: Here you invest in a diversified pool of many single master nodes, which are shared by many investors. The pool is managed by the provider, i.e. by specialists. The principle is similar to that of an equity fund, since you have bundled many investments in one product and the investment in itself is already broadly diversified. As with the other two products, you profit from the performance (profit as well as loss!) and from the rewards. The performance is reflected in the pool value, which is comparable to the market value of an equity fund. The rewards are paid out regularly, like dividends for distributing funds.


My Getnode experiences:

Now I introduce you to Getnode, where you can increase your Bitcoins instead of leaving them lying around in your wallet and additionally take the price gain with you. You invest in a diversified master nodes pool, which contains different Coins. The deposit is made in Bitcoin (BTC) or Fiat currency (Euro), which is converted into BTC at the current rate. So if you don’t hold BTC yet you don’t have to buy one at a crypto exchange before you can invest.

What I find especially advantageous about Getnode is that the pool value is always calculated in BTC. Additionally every 2 weeks the rewards (in BTC) are paid out to your wallet. So you not only profit from the price development of the Bitcoin, but you can also increase your Bitcoins.

Here you can have a closer look at the official website*. With Getnode you can build up a passive income and let your Bitcoins work for you.

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die (Warren Buffet)

In the last 3 months the yields have been between 4.9% – 10.6% (April: 10.6%; May: 7.5%; June: 4.9%) per month on the deposited Bitcoins, whereby these vary and are therefore not guaranteed. An automatic reinvest is possible, whereby your pool value constantly rises. You can withdraw the investment (pool value) at any time after 6 months.

Getnode master nodes pool

Of course, I checked Getnode’s seriousness for you:

  • The responsible persons are visible and represented in Social-Media
  • The website* looks trustworthy and an imprint exists
  • The business model is comprehensible and transparent
  • No guaranteed, extremely high returns are promised.

However, I generally recommend that you always take a close look at the product and the company again, as each investment involves risks for which I can assume no liability, as I can only report from my personal Getnode experiences at the current time.

You can register for free at Getnode by entering your email address. Before you can invest, a verification of your account with your data and the upload of an identification document is required. Once the verification is done and checked by Getnode, you can start investing. The minimum amount is 1000,-€ or 0,2BTC. You can either transfer the money in € (SEPA-transfer) or send it in BTC from your wallet. The deposited amount will be integrated into the pool and will make a profit a few days later.

The current yield (or the rewards in a 2-day rhythm) can be viewed at any time in the dashboard, which is very transparent. The distribution takes place every 2 weeks on your deposited wallet. For this I recommend a hardware wallet like the LEDGER NANO S* .

Let me briefly summarize the main advantages of the master nodes pool from Getnode:

  1. You can increase your Bitcoins and benefit from the course development in addition
  2. Yields have been very good in recent months (5-10% per month), which is a realistic range for the crypto industry
  3. The investment is diversified, as the pool contains many different master nodes, which reduces risk
  4. The provider is serious and transparent

I hope YOU are as convinced now as I am!

Then don’t hesitate and REGISTER TODAY, the registration is absolutely free!



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*This is a recommendation link. There are no disadvantages for you. Promised! With order I receive only a small commission to keep my website running. I only recommend products or services which I use myself or have tested extensively. Thank you very much!

Disclaimer: The content provided here does not represent investment advice or investment brokerage. The experience reports are no invitation to trade, but reflect only the opinion of the author. All statements on yields and price developments refer only to the past and are absolutely non-binding. In the event that users of the site make investments on the basis of experience reports, this is done entirely at their own risk.

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