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MarketPeak Experiences: Investment platform for tokenized assets

The regulated, digital investment platform MarketPeak has been on the market since May 2019. According to current experiences MarketPeak is already an absolute insider tip, especially due to its innovative concept! On MarketPeak you can invest in various digital products and tokenized assets. MarketPeak’s goal is to bring fintech companies together with buyers through a strong community.

This means you can not only invest in innovative projects, you can also build up a passive income through an extremely attractive rewards system!
Interested? Then you should definitely read what amazing opportunities MarketPeak has to offer you!

MarketPeak – Experiences

In this article I will describe my consistently positive experiences with the, in my opinion, very serious investment platform MarketPeak. MarketPeak is a regulated platform that is regularly audited. Every single product available is also regulated. This rules out fraud! In addition, I will show you exactly how my positive opinion comes about and how and in which projects you can invest money there.

As a special possibility I would like to introduce you to the affiliate system of MarketPeak. Here you can earn attractive commissions and gain your financial freedom. But more about that later…..

MarketPeak experiences – Team

In order to assess the seriousness and future prospects of a company, I always take a look at the team first.

Founder and CEO of MarketPeak is Sergej Heck, who already has extensive experience in online marketing on the one hand and in the future technologies blockchain and cryptocurrencies on the other hand. He is a book author and has already made a name for himself in online marketing by working for several companies and building a large network. He is also the owner of Blockchain Hero, CoinKurier and CoinConcepts, which makes him an expert in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

CSO David Glades, who has been involved with Bitcoin and Blockchain for a long time, is responsible for sales. In 2014 he was one of the first to make Bitcoin known in Europe. He is an absolute expert in blockchain, bitcoin and crypto currencies and is also known as the “blockchain visionary”. He has extensive contacts throughout the industry and is therefore an ideal fit for this position.

Last but not least CTO Benjamin Bendig should be mentioned. He brings a lot of relevant know-how to MarketPeak and is a true blockchain expert due to his experiences. He founded the Start-Up Based Global and worked as a developer for Bitwala, a Fintech blockchain banking company.

MarketPeak experiences – Website and Social Media

The official website* of MarketPeak makes a structured and very neat impression. At the beginning you can see the landing page, where you can navigate to all areas. You can also watch a short video in which CEO Sergej Heck introduces MarketPeak. The company is registered in Dubai, which can be seen in the imprint.

On the right side you can already discover the different Social-Media Buttons. MarketPeak is represented and active on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

An extensive whitepaper and a roadmap with far-reaching goals up to February 2021 are visible. Here a complete decentralization of the platform is aimed at.

What is the goal of MarketPeak?

Many start-ups in the Fintech sector are often faced with the choice of how much budget they invest in marketing. According to our experiences this is often the deciding factor for the success of a company. But too much fixation on marketing also poses problems, as it often ties up too much budget. In most cases, the technical implementation of the product suffers, but this should be the core competence.

At this point MarketPeak comes into play. On the Fintech investment platform, previously tested companies and their regulated products are brought closer to potential buyers and investors. The large community ensures that the company quickly becomes known and can thus dispense with its own marketing and focus on its product, as MarketPeak experiences also show.

How is this realized at MarketPeak?


The products can be offered more cost-effectively on MarketPeak due to the elimination of marketing on the part of the companies, which is in favour of the investors. The products available on MarketPeak, are often not regularly accessible for normal investors or at clearly worse conditions, which is shown by the MarketPeak experiences.

The rewards for the products are distributed in the active community, whereby everyone is able to build up an additional attractive income. The distribution network and the community of investors and affiliates is getting bigger and bigger, which strengthens MarketPeak’s market position.

An additional point is education. Affiliates are provided with access to documents and webinars. These are mainly the topics of sales, blockchain and personality development.

As the MarketPeak experiences show, the system is extremely lucrative for investors, affiliates and enterprises, since everyone profits from the basic conditions here.


Which products can you invest in?

At MarketPeak you can invest in a range of interesting regulated products. The big advantage over competitors is the variety of products available. Once you have verified yourself or completed a so-called KYC (know your customer), you can use the complete platform and invest in every product, which the experiences show.

Also the personal dashboard is very clearly arranged. The menu and navigation has a clear structure and is completely intuitive to use. Corresponding MarketPeak experiences prove this.

Tokenized assets

Bitphoenix tokenA large field are the tokenized assets. During tokenization, assets of all kinds are mapped on the blockchain and divided into a number of parts, the so-called tokens. In principle, anything can be tokenized to make it accessible to normal investors, creating a huge new market.

Currently, due to a lack of financial infrastructure, only about 15% of people are connected to capital markets. Due to the rapidly increasing adaptation of digital currencies, the other people will be connected.

Essential aspects for this are Facebooks Libracoin, which will launch next year and will make about 2.4 billion people aware of the topic blockchain and the official crypto currency of China another 1.4 billion people.

But also by an increasing adaptation of crypto currencies in smartphones mobile payments will be made possible and many people will have access to the financial system, the only prerequisite is an internet connection. Most well-known smartphone manufacturers are already integrating digital wallets into their new smartphones, e.g. Samsung.

So next year there will be an incredible number of new investors and users with a smaller budget and a mass phenomenon. According to projections, up to 5 billion people will be mobilized on the blockchain topic, whereas the current figure is just 42 million. Exactly for these people the possibilities that tokenized assets offer are perfect and you can profit with this knowledge! 

Masterpool token

Examples of tokenized investments at MarketPeak is the Bitphoenix token, an automated crypto-trading, and the Masterpool token, a masternode pool.

The principle of tokenization will be discussed in more detail in one of my next articles.

Investment in Fintech projects: ICO & STO

At MarketPeak it is possible to invest in previously audited projects (start-ups). These start-ups start a kind of crowdfundig through a token sale. In general one distinguishes between an ICO and an STO.

ICO: Initial coin offering

With an ICO, a company sells so-called utility coins to finance itself. These coins are normally used after the development of the company’s product is finished. Often these coins can be used, for example, to pay on a decentralized platform.

It becomes particularly interesting if the coin is listed on a crypto exchange. Then the starting price of this coin is often a multiple of the previous purchase price, but fluctuates initially very strongly.

In general it should be mentioned that the ICO’s are not regulated and therefore there are great chances but the whole thing is very risky as well.

STO: Security Token Offering

In contrast to an ICO, the STO is regulated. In this case, the buyer also has shares in the company and voting rights, similar to a share. The state regulation already removes the obviously fraudulent companies, which already represents an advantage over the ICO.

The STO’s are very much on the rise, but regulation is still in its infancy. Therefore you should be careful in which STO’s you invest.

After a successful sale phase, if everything goes well, the security tokens can also be traded on a crypto exchange. The chances here are similar to the ICO’s with a slightly lower risk.

The projects offered on MarketPeak are checked by a team of experts and only the reputable companies make it onto the platform. In my experiences, the risk is therefore significantly minimized for you! However, there is always a certain residual risk with such investments.


Advantages of the fintech-plattform MarketPeak

The MarketPeak investment platform has some advantages over other companies in the industry:

  • Only a one-time verification (KYC) is necessary, instead of the usual one for each project.
  • Early entry into projects possible
  • The projects are regulated and checked in advance, which significantly reduces your risk!
  • MarketPeak is regulated and regularly audited, therefore scam is excluded.
  • Discounted conditions for all users registered at MarketPeak!
  • All projects comply with the legal regulations
  • Attractive rewards for affiliates
  • Registration is free for everyone!


The Fintech platform MarketPeak – experiences

The Masterpool Token is a product of the Fintech platform MarketPeak. I wrote an article for you about other tokenized assets on MarketPeak, the Bitphoenix-Token, a regulated crypto hedge fund.

Below I have checked the seriousness for you: Masterpool Token Experiences tokenized assets

  • The team is completely visible and represented in Social-Media
  • The website* looks serious and an imprint exists
  • The business model is comprehensibly presented and extremely transparent
  • No extremely high returns are promised, which are not comprehensible.

In general, I recommend that you always take a closer look at the product and the company behind it, as every investment involves certain risks for which I cannot assume any liability, as I can only report from my personal master pool experiences at the current time.

You can register free of charge by entering your email address. Before you can invest, a verification of your account, a so-called KYC (“know your customer”) will be carried out. For this you need an identification document. When the verification is done, you can use the complete platform and invest in all products. The minimum amount for investments is 100,- $. The deposit is made in BTC from your internal MarketPeak wallet or from an external wallet (e.g. the LEDGER NANO S*). The deposited amount will be integrated into the pool and will make a profit a few days later. The decisive advantages of MarketPeak are obvious:

  • Only a single verification (KYC) is needed, instead of the usual one for each project.
  • Early-stage projects are possible, which is normally reserved for large investors only.
  • The projects are checked in advance and are all regulated, which minimizes your risk significantly!
  • It is a regulated and regularly audited platform, so scam is not possible.
  • Best conditions for all projects for registered users
  • All projects comply with legal requirements
  • Attractive rewards for recommendations
  • Registration is free of charge for everyone!


MarketPeak experiences – Free Registration Process

As described before, you should first of all register for free at MarketPeak. Therefore click on ‘Join now’ at the top right of the landing page* or click here* and enter your name, username and e-mail address in the registration form. Once you have confirmed your email address, you can view your personal dashboard.

Then you need to verify your account, a so-called KYC (“know your customer”). For this you should have your ID ready. The verification is done by a service provider via video or by uploading your personal ID. Then you can already use the complete platform and invest in all products!

The products you can find at the left side under the tab ‘products’ and then ‘assets’ or directly at the dashboard. The minimum amount for the investments is 100,- $. The payment takes place in Bitcoin from the internal MarketPeak-Wallet or from your external Wallet. You choose ‘external wallet’ and an wallet address is shown. This wallet address (valid for 30 minutes) you type in at your regular bitcoin wallet and send the chosen amount. Afterwards the transaction should be processed in a few minutes. I personally use a hardware wallet for this, as well as for all my other investments, because of the higher security standard. Here I can definitely recommend the LEDGER NANO S*. The deposited amount is integrated into the pool and generates profit just a few days later.

If you don’t have any Bitcoins yet, I can recommend the crypto exchange Coinbase*, where you can get 10$ for free (paid in BTC) with this link*! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the WhatsApp button at the end of this article, I will be pleased to help you!

Benefit as an Affiliate: The rewards plan

At MarketPeak the marketing and the enlargement of the community is done by the community itself. Through a multi-layered and extremely interesting rewards plan you can also profit and build up a passive income, which I can confirm with my marketPeak experiences.

The rewards plan consists of three main parts: The direct sales bonus, the binary plan and the career bonus. To participate in the extended rewards plans you only need one of the packages you can purchase at MarketPeak. Depending on the package, different bonus systems are activated here. You also get access to numerous documents, VIP coachings and webinars in the areas of marketing, blockchain & crypto currencies as well as mindset.

As an additional highlight, the first 10,000 members get a certain number of PEAK tokens credited to their wallet, depending on which package they have purchased. These PEAK tokens will then be available for sale in an ICO, which will be launched by MarketPeak itself. So don’t hesitate and take advantage of this bonus at launch!

But also as a free registered member you get a one-time reward on your directly referred partners. So everybody can profit from commissions, no matter if he has a package or not. If, however, you want to get started in sales terms, I recommend you an All-IN-Package, because you have unlocked all rewards and can profit in full size.

With the packages you acquire a stake in the distribution system of MarketPeak. Here you get improved conditions with the rewards, intensive support and have the possibility to educate yourself extensively in order to reach your goals!

In the following I will explain you, based on my MarketPeak experiences, briefly the essential points of the commission plan:

MarketPeak-commissioning system

The direct sales bonus

Here you get rewards on the margin of the purchased products of your downline on several levels (directly recruited members on several levels). The commission ranges from 0.5% on the 8th level up to 10% on the 1st level.

The binary plan

In the binary plan or cycle step bonus, your partner structure is divided into 2 branches. The turnover (or margin) of the partners in the branches is added up. If a turnover of 1,000 USD has been achieved in each branch, this cycle is closed and a rewards of 8% (80USD) is paid. This bonus is especially interesting for larger structures.

The career bonus

In the career plan you can reach different career levels, which increases your rewards. To move up the career level you need a certain career volume and a certain number of directly sponsored partners with a certain career level. Here you get another percentage bonus on your point volume in the binary structure.

If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing (Bill Gates)

There’s also the Matching Bonus and the Global Bonus, although I won’t go into any more detail here. In general, up to 56% of the profits earned from the products are distributed as rewards to the community. Since the rewards structure is quite complicated and not interesting for everyone, I only briefly touched on it.

The rewards plan is available for download at your personal Dashboard on the MarketPeak website. I can also help you if necessary and advise you, just fill out the contact form below or click on the WhatsApp Button.

The rewards and the associated opportunities are very lucrative in this rapidly growing market! With commitment, everyone can really build a considerable income (up to the 5-digit range).

Do you also want to have access to incredible investment opportunities or gain your financial independence and work completely independent or from home? Benefit from the mass phenomenon in 2020 with over 5 billion people made aware of blockchain technology! Start today to participate in our Fintech Revolution!



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*This is a recommendation link. There are no disadvantages for you. Promised! With order I receive only a small commission to keep my website running. I only recommend products or services based on my experiences or have tested extensively. Thank you very much!

Disclaimer: The content provided here does not represent investment advice or investment brokerage. The experience reports are no invitation to trade, but reflect only the opinion of the author. All statements on yields and price developments refer only to the past and are absolutely non-binding. In the event that users of the site make investments on the basis of experience reports, this is done entirely at their own risk.

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