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In this article we want to share our experiences with you and give you an insight to our crypto visa card review. is a platform, which offers a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem. The main goal of the platform is to offer the user an all-in-one solution. There is the exchange for cryptocurrencies and the app for IOS or Android and the DeFi wallet. The company cooperates with regulatory institutions and entities around the world. The main user interface is first of all the app. Furthermore, there is also the stock exchange, the DeFi Swap and staking functions, the DeFi Wallet. There are different editions of VISA cards with various cashback incentives.

Over the last years, the company has established as a well-known provider in the  digital assets scene. Over 50 digital currencies can be traded with other cryptocurrencies, but also with fiat currencies. Users have the opportunity to use many features and benefit from various services.

First, we want to share our experiences regarding the user experience with the app. We give you an overview about the functions of the whole platform and the benefits.


crypto visa card review
Our platform experiences: the multifunctional app overall interface, source:

The main features we want to focus in our crypto visa card review

First of all, it’s important to know that in order to receive the creditcards, you have to deposit the company’s token – CRO – for a certain period of time in order to be able to receive all the benefits. We were highly impressed by the quality. As you choose the red edition, you get a very high-quality metal version instead of the usual plastic material.

In our crypto visa card review we want to explain the advantages you get afterwards. If you get any of this creditcards, you can look forward to some special rewards and particular benefits. Those we will present to you also in our crypto visa card review.

Which edition did we choose regarding our crypto visa card review?

We had a choice between the red and the Jade Green edition. Our researches for the crypto visa card review showed us that you get refunded the costs of Netflix with the purple or green edition and you even get 3% cash back on your purchases instead of only 2%.

However, an upgrade to another edition is possible at any time. In the end, we chose the red one and this is the one crypto visa card review is about. We decided for 100% on the Ruby Steel edition. The red edition was definitely the winner of the price-performance ratio, this is our result in our crypto visa card review. There are no costs for the cards, but the CRO tokens are blocked for the staking for a certain period of time. Another decisive factor for us was that we do not use Netflix. However, if you are a Netflix user it might be interesting for you to stake 50.000 CRO to gain the green or the purple edition.

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Crypto visa card review about our user experience with the app

The platform processes automatically the currency exchange between the cryptocurrency and the fiat currency. You as a user have the full control about any assets, and the integrated DeFi wallet, gives you control about your portfolio. Only you have access to your assets with your private key. The big advantage here is that you can top up the debitcards with euros, but you can also deposit digital currencies or fiat currencies. In case of a payment  the required amount of cryptocurrency will be exchanged directly at the current time.

The app is easy to use, although basic knowledge of English is an advantage. Unfortunately there is no German version of the app yet. The interface of the app is easy to understand, as it is similar to most applications from traditional banks. Since May 2020 you have also the opportunity to choose one of the official debit cards as a user of the free app. According to our experience, this is a significant advantage, as you can virtually pay directly with your digital assets in everyday life.

The app enables users to buy and sell more than 80 different assets like bitcoin, with a wide variety of fiat currencies and also to make payments using the credit cards. Each digital asset has its own wallet and you have the option of storing more than 50 different digital currencies. Buying those with fiat currencies is also easily possible, as our experience has shown. You can deposit money either via a Sepa transfer or you can buy cryptocurrencies directly with creditcard payment.

But now let’s share with you in our crypto visa card review regarding other features of the crypto app.


crypto visa card earn
Crypto visa card review: These token can you earn with the app. Source:

By depositing any digital assets on the app, you as an investor can get an additional return of up to 12% on your tokens and coins.  For example, if you deposit your assets for 3 months, you will get 6.5% p.a. on bitcoin and 12% annual return on stablecoins. The weekly payout is also a very nice feature due to some wishes of investors and holders who want a reliable payout regulation. You don’t only get this return on CRO tokens, but you also have the option to deposit other assets.

The currency exchange: Buy and exchange your tokens – How reliable is the exchange according to our crypto visa card review?

We would like to share in our crypto visa card review our experience regarding the currency exchange. First of all, we have to mention that the exchange can unfortunately not be accessed via the app, but exclusively via the browser. Our impression is that the exchange is very clear and the interface is similar to that of other common exchanges.

An integration of the exchange on the app is planned. We didn’t find out in our crypto visa card review when exactly this update will be available. On the exchange, you can trade more than 50 different coins and tokens. you can find the most common assets here. The selection does not match the one of Binance and Co. When we signed up, we were able to trade without any fees during the first 90 days.

Our crypto visa card review: how to increase your asset portfolio 

The platform, apart of the mentioned features and benefits in our crypto visa card review, also offers other ways for you to increase your assets instead of just holding them in your wallet without any return. You have the option of staking different tokens on the exchange or the wallet or participating in promotions, such as Syndicate or Supercharger. But what means that and what kind of benefits can you expect?


We want to explain in our crypto visa card review, why we prefer to use the option to deposit our CROs at Supercharger. Our experiences showed that you are more flexible than with the Syndicate promotion. In the first 30 days, you can deposit and withdraw CROs at any time. Based on the deposited CROs your share percentage is calculated for each day.

This first phase is followed by another 30-day so called distribution period, where you receive tokens based on the liquidity you provided in the first period. There have been interesting projects in the past, such as UNI, Polkadot or even Bitcoin, as our experiences with the platform show.


With the Syndicate deals of the platform, users have the opportunity to receive tokens at a discounted price, usually reduced by 50%.  Cardano, PaxGold, to Polkadot and Bitcoin Sales tokens are offered here, with past deals ranging from.

In order to participate, you need to trade a certain volume on the platform in the last 30 days before the respective deal and have CROs in the staking.  Based on the total amount of CROs in the staking, the maximum amount of the discounted tokens is calculated in average. We have to mention in our crypto visa card review that we unfortunately never claimed the full amount. Each Syndicate deal that takes place about once a month returned a plus of $20 on average.

However, if the demand is higher than the maximum supply available, it is possible to purchase only a share of the tokens at the discounted price. The number is calculated as follows:

(Your requested CRO amount / The total CRO amount requested by all participants) * Total offer for sale.

Our experience has been that the supply at each Syndicate we have participated in has been significantly less than the demand, and on average we received tokens equivalent to about $40 (we had requested $1000)

Even though in our crypto visa card review we can not share any experience about claiming the full amount, each Syndicate deal that takes place about once a month returned a plus of $20.

crypto staking
Crypto visa card review – requirements for Syndicate, Source:

Stake & Earn

Similar to the app, the platform allows you to stake various tokens and earn interest. If you deposit any (CRO) tokens, you receive a discount on trading fees for the exchange. You also have the option to deposit various assets and earn interest on them.

However, our experience so far is that the returns are slightly better when staking on the app. Another fact to mention in our crypto visa card re view is that the returns are paid out daily here, while on the app it takes place weekly.

Our crypto visa card review – what are the benefits of our experience?

It’s a debitcard, which means you have to top it up it first, before you can use it. Furthermore, you have to verify yourself and present a proof of your address. For this purpose, an official letter from an authority or an insurance company is usually valid,  where you can see your name and address. In our experiences this worked very quickly and without any problems.

Netflix – If you buy Netflix, it can be worth it for you to stake 50,000 CRO and get the green or purple debitcard. Also you get refunded the costs back to your account again. Different ones you give 3% instead of 2% cashback on your admissions.

Spotify – by choosing your credit card as a payment method at Spotify, the value of the fee will be returned again to your account.

The platform user also has other benefits. If you would like to deposit more CRO, you get an Amazon Prime membership, discounts on various other offers. These include Expedia, AirBNB or private jet management and access to the airport lounge. You can find an overview of the benefits of each edition in our crypto visa card review here:

crypto com visa card
crypto visa card review: overview and reward system, Source: 

Our crypto visa card review regarding the cash back function

Since we use the debitcards very often, we want to go into this more detailed in our crypto visa card review. The fact that we want to focus on now in our crypto visa card review, which is probably noticed very quickly when using the cards for payments, is the cash-back that you receive directly after every purchase. An important benefit according to our crypto visa card review you can get yourself paid after every purchase.

After each payment made, the app will inform you about the amount of cash-back that you get for the volume of your purchase. Depending on the card’s edition this can be up to 8% of the total purchase volume – for every purchase you make. The amount of the cash-back is depending on which edition you chose, from 1% to a maximum of 8% for every purchase made, regardless of whether you have deposited fiat or digital currencies. You can find an overview of the authorization of each own edition in the last part of our crypto visa card review. Definitely take a closer look at our crypto visa card review for specific answers.

The disadvantages resulting from our crypto visa card review

We want to mention in our crypto visa card review regarding the platform that some main functions are unfortunately not available in some countries. For example, residents from the United States, Switzerland, Malta, Hong Kong and Singapore cannot participate in lending.

Especially for newbies, it is therefore extremely advisable to inform yourself in detail about the decentralized finance market. Follow important basic rules when it comes to security precautions, is one of your can find our security tips and more about the DeFi segment also here in our crypto visa card review.

As mentioned earlier, the app includes a decentralized wallet, which from our point of view means a very positive development. However, as with every decentralized wallet, you should follow some basic rules and security tips.

This is what our crypto visa card review shows 

We ourselves use the whole platform very regularly. Through Supercharger and Co. can be realized very good returns on asset deposits, to sum up our crypto visa card review. The token has also increased by over 42% over the last year. This is why the deposited CRO tokens for the creditcard have also increased in value.

The cash back is received immediately after the purchase when paying with your creditcard. Which has always worked out well for us. According to our crypto visa card review, we were also able to get a refund for Spotify fees without any problems. For this, you simply have to use the creditcards as a payment method in Spotify. You will automatically get refunded the amount back to your account.

However, you have to keep in mind that it is a debitcard, which means that before you can pay with the VISA cards, you have to have a deposit of fiat money or digital portfolio on your account. 

All in all, we are very satisfied and we can mention that in our experience that the metal one not only looks good when paying 😉 If you get any of the cards with this link, you can even save a little bit. Furthermore you are also get another 25$ in CRO when you choose your edition.

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