How to convert bitcoin to CASH – diversification into a new trend!

how to convert bitcoin to cash
Diversification and cash out strategies are very important to grow wealth (Source:
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 Investing into cryptocurrencies is easy, but how to convert bitcoin to cash is more difficult. There are few comparable investments regarding technology etc. When you think how convert bitcoin to cash, also the questions about taxes and costs come up. Those are best to be discussed with your personal tax advisor, as they are quite complex. Most people don’t know about tax issues of cryptocurrencies and neither not about how to convert bitcoin to cash.

how to convert bitcoin to cash
Bitcoin portfolio diversification (Source:

Almost everyone knows how to invest into BTC and add it to a portfolio, as for now it is quite long on the market. After the recent cryptocurrency market rally, good investors might be interested to balance their portfolio and mitigate the risk of poor diversification. 

But how to convert bitcoin to cash, optimize your profits and costs, and at the same time diversify and expand your portfolio with an investment in a rapidly growing industry? 

We’ll explain you an opportunity how to convert bitcoin to cash, by investing and diversifying in medical cannabis and saving costs.

We’ll introduce you to Juicyfields, one uncomplicated way how convert bitcoin to cash here:

But how to convert bitcoin to cash via medical cannabis plants?

diversification into crowdgrowing
Crowdgrowing offers several leverages (Source: juicyfields)

Juicyfields is an internet platform that allows you ton participate in crowdgrowing and invest in medical cannabis products. More specifically, the German company lets you grow your own cannabis plants for medical purposes.

With your investment you buy real medical cannabis plants that are grown and distributed exclusively for medical purposes by the German company. You are not crossing any legal boundaries. It is completely legally, as medical cannabis is a growing industry, scientifically proofed.

Through a transfer directly to your user account, the whole process is very simplified how to convert Bitcoins to cash.

How convert bitcoin to cash: What methods are available? 

One thing all ways how to convert bitcoin to cash have in common: the fees and costs. As soon as you exchange your BTCs into a fiat currency (€,$,etc), they will also occur. If you don’t want to exchange to a fiat currency but still think how to convert bitcoin to cash, you can optimize through portfolio diversification into other industries. A new investment opportunity using BTC payments allows you to invest in a fast-growing market that is not yet under the radar for many investors.

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how to convert bitcoin to cash
Strategies how to convert bitcoin to cash are very important (Source:

Currently there are following methods how to convert bitcoins to cash:

How convert bitcoin to cash via a crypto exchange?

The best-known crypto exchanges are Binance, Coinbase and Kraken which allow users paying out cryptocurrencies. is also very popular as it offers an all-in-one solution. The business model is similar to that of your local bank. You can make various investments by a money deposit. You can buy cryptocurrencies or exchange them into others. The app allows you even staking. If you want to learn more about staking, passive income or if you have any questions, feel free to ask us those in our Investment4Insider Telegram group!

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Anytime you are able to sell your cryptos on these exchanges which is a common way how to convert bitcoins to cash. 

How to convert bitcoin to cash via P2P?

Via various platforms, cashing out cryptocurrencies is offered. For example at Purse, which is a platform brings people together according to their preferences including Bitcoin buyers and sellers.

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How to convert bitcoin to cash via diversification?

Entities like Juicyfields give you the opportunity to transfer your Bitcoins directly into a new future-oriented investment trend. You can transfer directly BTC to BTC, crypto to crypto, this is the unique aspect. Therefore its possible to diversify in an uncomplicated, cost and tax-friendly way.
Your cannabis CBD investment works for you at the same time and yields further returns without wasting your precious time.

Why Juicyfields can be an investment opportunity 

The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, in addition to years of experience. Thus, fraud is quite unrealistic. They have a huge partner network around the globe and calls itself an expert in growing medical cannabis. Juicyfields offers investors innovative payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies. You can cash out your BTC through this new opportunity.

crypto payment opportunity
Cryptocurrency investments are accepted (Source: Juicyfields)

How does the process look like?

Furthermore, you can choose between different products and achieve returns about 50%. You may act as a funder, leaser or investor at the same time. 

how to convert bitcoin to cash with cbd products
Diversification in different products (Source: Juicyfields)

Juicyfields carefully takes care of the upcoming harvest. Also the professional staff monitors the cultivation and the progress of your plants every day. After they sell and distribute it to their network. The profits you receive, once your plant is harvested and sold. Investors can decide to pay out or reinvest your new cryptocurrencies. It is possible to do the investments either via cryptocurrency or fiat currency. 

Grow your plants and your portfolio in the same time!

Diversify and CASH OUT NOW!

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Research as investment base about the future trend of CBD

juicy logo
Source: Juicyfields


The growing industry of medical cannabis and CBD has not yet hit the mainstream. You should research your investments in any area carefully and build your own opinion.






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how to convert bitcoin to cash
Bitcoin Diversification (Source: www.[

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