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crypto friendly travel booking
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OUR Travala review

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Book your next holiday at travala (Source:

If you love to discover the world and book your travel online and even use your cryptocurrencies, you can do it like we show you here in our Travala review. The online travel portal is a partner of You can pay with cryptos and get rewarded for your travel bookings. It is a very special project where you can invest in tokens and generate even passive profits with the rewards you get from your travel bookings. We will also explain this in our Travala review. Rewards on your bookings you get by the Smart program. You can use the saved rewards to pay for your next trips. With the AVA token, you get an attractive interest rate every year.

Who is Travala?

It sounds already like traveling: an online travel portal that was founded in 2017 and operates in the UK, Australia and Vietnam. From a small startup, the company evolved into the leading blockchain-based travel platform in the world. from all over the world people trust this growing online travel agency which offers accommodations all over the world. The travel portal offers you a variety of savings options and discounts. According to our Travala review there are several payment methods with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash. You can also book flights and business trips and get rewards in cryptocurrencies. From simple guesthouses to 5-star hotels, There are more than 2,200,000 accommodations in more than 90,000 destinations in 230 countries worldwide what showed our Travala review. The token of the platform gives you an attractive interest rate every year. You can profit from the price development of the token. Sometimes you get hotel bookings 40 percent cheaper than on other platforms. With the Smart program, you will be rewarded for your bookings and can stake your cryptos to different levels. You can make your bookings not only at home on the computer, but there is also an app for Android and iOS available. 

The registration

With the button “Sign up now” you can register directly. It is in the upper right corner of the travel portal website.  If you like our travala review and you decided to book your holidays in the future on the platform, you can register here for free. Now you have to choose a password, or you register via Facebook or a Google account. After the verification you are ready to use the platform and you can book your hotels and flights. Like the crypto exchanges, the platform asks for as little personal information as possible from their clients. If you need any help with the registration, please feel free to ask us your questions in the Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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Best Price Guarantee

Our Travala review showed us that you get the best price for hotel bookings. In case that you find a cheaper provider of the booked hotel you just write an email. This is possible until 24 hours before check-in. The hotel must be identical on another booking platform with time, room and equipment. In our Travala review we checked that the platform will pay you the price difference in AVA tokens. Discounts, coupons and limited time promotions are excluded from this best price guarantee.

AVA – the cryptocurrency of the platform in our Travala review

Last year our Travala review shows, the cooperation with the travel portal TravelByBit and Expedia and increased the value of the AVA Token around 30%. It is a token and it gives you discounts also, what showed our travala review.. The crypto exchange Binance also supports the platform. AVA is the token coin of the platform, the own cryptocurrency that you can use for the payment as well as an investment. The partnership with Expedia also led to an expansion of the hotels offering by about 700,000 hotels worldwide. In our Travala review we also checked the rewards you get for your bookings with the AVA token. 

ava token
AVA is the Travala Coin (Source:

AVA offers several advantages:

  • It can be sold at any time
  • AVA tokens can be earned
  • price development benefits
  • payment at partner organizations

You can pay your holidays also by a split payment. You can pay with your existing AVA tokens and use additionally your credit card, PayPal or another digital currency. If you want to profit even more from the AVA price development, you can buy the cryptocurrency on the partner crypto exchange Binance. You can also sell your AVA tokens on Binance and you can stake them and earn profits on it. For this you need a digital wallet. There are several options for this, which are listed on the platform. Very popular are the Metamask or Atomic Wallet. If you have any questions about setting up the right wallet please ask us in the Investment4Insider Telegram group!

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Rewards with the Smart Program

If you hold at least 250 AVA tokens in your wallet, then you can stake them and join the Smart Program. This gives you the opportunity to save up to 10 percent on bookings and earn up to 18% APY on your AVA tokens. Also you get a direct discount of up to 5 percent on accommodation prices. You receive a loyalty bonus of up to 5 percent after your holiday. To get more AVA tokens and benefits from the Smart Program in our travala review, you can also buy AVA tokens from other crypto exchanges like Binance. You can stake the tokens. Depending on the amount there are different levels:

  • Level 2 with 500 tokens 
  • Level 3 with 1,250 tokens 
  • Level 4 with 2,000 tokens 
  • Level 5 with 2,500 tokens.

The higher your level in the Smart Program, the more discounts and rewards you can get. If you need help with this process or have any questions feel free to join us in our Investment4Insider Telegram group!

Secure discounts when traveling

Our Travala review shows that the platform gives new customers a welcome bonus and refunds the difference if you find the same hotel at a lower price with another provider. You can also get various other discounts on your bookings and get rewarded for referring friends. You get a discount of up to 5 percent on your bookings. Paying everything with AVA tokens, you can get an additional discount of 3%. You can also get a loyalty bonus of up to 5% if you participate in the Smart program. With this program you will be credited with AVA Tokens. You can get another bonus every year on your AVA tokens that you hold on your wallet. If you refer a friend and the friend books a trip, not only you will be rewarded for referring the friend. Your friends also enjoy a discount.

Travala Review Logo

Welcome Bonus

After you made the registration like we showed you in the travala review you can now book hotels, flights and activities. On the home page, you can search by specifying your desired destination, the planned length of your stay and the people. The available accommodations are displayed with prices, addresses, guest reviews and their special features. You can get more detailed information about the accommodations before you finally book it. The overview about the prices and the Cashback you see also in the area as well as the payment methods. In some hotels taxes have to be paid extra. The amount of the tax is also given. We also used filters to refine the hotel search in our Travala review. Once you have chosen your accommodation, you make your booking.

If the value of your first booking exceeds 180 euros, you will receive a welcome bonus of 23 euros. In addition, AVA tokens will be funded to your account. For each booking you will receive AVA tokens. For further bookings you will get a cashback. 

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Travala review regarding our experiences

On various review pages we checked in our travala review you can find out what experiences other users had. Trustpilot currently has 904 reviews.  84 percent voted for excellent, 5 percent insufficient and the others were in between. Users especially highlight the excellent support and easy payment with cryptocurrencies in a positive way. Are you interested in the platform or do you need help choosing the right wallet or do you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, feel free to visit us in our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

Our Travala review regarding the security

If you book with the platform of our travala review security is 100% covered. The data is transmitted in a securely encrypted form. The payment is also secure, no matter which payment method you choose. In your personal area you can verify that the payment has been made correct. In this video you get a whole tutorial about Travala platform and the AVA Coin:

Summary of our travala review: book travel and pay with cryptos 

Our Travala review shows that it is an innovative travel portal where you can book holidays and also villas or homestays paying with cryptocurrencies. With the AVA token, the platform of our travala review uses its own cryptocurrency, but you can also pay with other common cryptocurrencies. You collect discounts and rewards on your bookings, which are paid in AVA tokens. Depending on the amount of  coins, you can stake them in different levels. Therefore you can get better rewards. Another unique point of our travala review is that you get even a best price guarantee on your bookings.

payment travala review
Payment methods (Source:


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