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In our defi wallet review we want to explain you a secure way to store your portfolio. It is not secure to store your portfolio on exchanges like binance or bitfinex. In a decentralized option you can store your cryptos in a safe way. We tested the decentralized Atomicwallet. This is a multi-wallet that can store a variety of digital currencies. But HOW the experience from other users was, we will show you everything in our defi wallet review. 

The experience of our defi wallet review

Our review of the digitalwallet shows, that about 300 digital currencies and tokens can be stored here. The key advantage is that you don’t have to create an individual storage option for each cryptocurrency. One of the positive points of our experiences is that you really always can  track everything. Therefore you will will have a nice overview of your portfolio.

The basics about the atomic defi wallet review

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Atomic Wallet is a decentralized wallet (Source:

Atomic gives users mostly good experiences according to our defi wallet review when they store the cryptocurrency. Before you get the multiwallet on your smartphone or PC and you make your own  experience, we want to give you more information about those options. It is decentralized what means it is more secure than on an exchange. You also may get rewards from staking what our defi wallet review shows. In our experience, we downloaded the integrated app. The app is available for download. At the moment the main user language is English. Since it is a multiwallet, you can deposit a variety of coins and tokens.

One point what we realized in our experience, what was unlike with other multiwallets, AtomicWallet is very easy to handle. You can also change the display and hide cryptos that you do not own. For the numerous digital currencies you can deposit on it, you will see

  • current value of your coins
  •  the amount you have stored
  •  current rate and rate change
  •  7-day chart

Exchanging and buying digital currency with Atomicwallet

You can use AtomicWallet to store not only cryptocurrencies that you have purchased through a crypto exchange. There is a way to exchange coins within the application. However, you have to exchange a minimum amount of coins and the rate is not always the best available. Therefore the experience with the application shows Atomic is not the direct place to buy cryptocurrencies through the application. The cryptos are bought with an external provider. Through this provider, a purchase is quite expensive with a fee of 5 percent. It is better to compare the terms of cryptocurrency exchanges and take a look at the fees elsewhere. After you can deposit the purchased coins on AtomicWallet. Our experience regarding the transactions and withdrawals shows that they are also easy and straightforward. 

atomic defi wallet review overview
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Defi wallet review: security experience

The most important aspect of using cryptowallets well is security. It works on desktop PC and smartphone, regardless of the operating system. It is possible to download it to the PC via the website. Once you have downloaded it you install it. For the smartphone, you can provide an app in the AppStore for iOS and Google Play for Android. Users have had a positive experience according to the defi wallet review. Once you have downloaded the digitalwallet, you need to generate a password and verify it. You should not use your password for other accounts or websites. It should consist of upper and lower case letters, special characters and numbers. Security is guaranteed with a twelve-word code as a password phrase. The defi wallet review of other users shows that it is an extremely secure option. You can view your private key in the settings. You should save it and write it down, because you will need it once in case of recovery if you ever do not have access. You will no longer have access to your stored coins. Users have had a great and satisfying experience also with security even on their smartphone. Biometric verification can also already be done for login.

The key to your portfolio security: private keys

Access is also guaranteed to the Public Keys, as the defi wallet review shows. With the Private Keys, you can access your coins and tokens whenever you want to trade, buy or sell them. In this case, you have full control, but also full responsibility over your private keys. If you need assistance, support is also available at any time. You are also welcome to visit our Investment4Insider Telegram group and discuss about the digital security with us.

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The way of storing your cryptocurrencies explained here is considered safe, but it can happen that you no longer have access to it for various reasons. In this case, you should take precautions to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You should copy your private keys and store them securely. To prevent unauthorized access, the private keys should not be connected to the Internet. You can also copy and print the private keys. You should not lose them otherwise your access to the coins is lost. The private keys can also be scanned with the smartphone , as a QR code, if you want to make transactions. For transaction you need an internet connection. In case you delete the app, you can then download the app again. With your Private Keys and the QR codes, you can get back to your digital currency.

Rewards for staking with Atomic defi wallet review

Staking is also possible with the the digitalwallet, as the defi wallet review shows. Staking, the holding of digital currency, gives you rewards on your holdings. For staking, you will be rewarded with the own cryptocurrency, the AtomicWallet Coin (AWC). If you want to learn more about Staking feel free to visit us in our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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How much the reward is depends on the following factors:

1) Cryptocurrency held

2) Amount you hold

3) Duration of holding 

AWC Coins can be exchanged for other coins. Your reward for staking is displayed as a percentage. The Atomic defi wallet review shows that the AtomicWallet coin is subject to market fluctuations. In our defi wallet review the AWC Coin increased in price. However, you can also have a loss, like everywhere, if the AWC Coin if the price decreases. The losses will then reduce your rewards.

defi wallet review staking
Staking in Atomic Wallet (Source:

Defi wallet review of the membership 

AtomicWallet offers a membership. As the defi wallet review shows, it is not always worth it. It is worthwhile for people who frequently exchange or buy digital currency. Since there are high fees on it, the benefits of membership are limited. Members can achieve a status depending on their AtomicWallet coins purchased and receive cashback of varying amounts depending on their status.

– Blue with 0.25 percent cashback

– Silver with 0.50 percent cashback

– Gold with 0.75 percent cashback

– Platinum with 1 percent cashback

The defi wallet review shows that you can also buy AWC, the own Coins to achieve a status. Therefore you can receive AtomicWallet Coins not only by staking.

Support in the Atomic Wallet experience

The support is available to you non stop, all days and the whole year. The support does not have access to your personal account. The interaction and feedback from the support is good regarding the defi wallet review and the most users. You can ask your questions by e-mail. A tutorial is also available.Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the section of FAQ.


In Atomic Wallet, you can store all cryptos very safe as it is a decentralized wallet. It is more safe to store them there than on exchanges. Our summarizing result also is, that Atomic is very easy and user friendly. It is very fast to install as an app and basically anybody can use it also in an anonymous way. It is a safe space for all cryptos and defi projects, so it is a great opportunity to store the portfolio there.

If you would like to discuss your AtomicWallet experience or if you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our Investment4Insider Telegram group and contact us personally!

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In case of any questions feel free to contact us also on Instagram! Martin, Marion, Rob, Eli


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