Blockchain and Crypto investment firms: Bitcci for transparency in adult industry

crypto investment firms bitcci
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Bitcci: crypto investment firms for transparency in adult industry

Bitcci is one of many crypto investment firms and also there is an ERC20 token released in July 2021. It can be f.e. used for payments of various services of Bitcci AG. The development of crypto investment firms and their tokens are based on the blockchain technology and Ethereum mainnnet. The company owner and CEO is entrepreneur Christoph Elbert, who has been working in marketing and digitalization for more than 15 years and created this blockchain and tokenization project as a result of his career. According to the Berlin Commercial Register, the company emerged from Streamlife AG in 2017.

bitcci network crypto investment firms
Bitcci is an ERC20 Token and brings escort to the blockchain (Source:

What is a token?

bitcci crypto investment firms
Bitcci Cash is a payment option, but there is also an affiliate program (Source:

A token is a digital object developed using a cryptocurrency which can be used as a payment instrument that belongs to a specific cryptocurrency. This is not a separate currency, but a type of digital coin that acts as a subtype of the cryptocurrency. It is also a digital part of crypto investment firms, so instead of shares of the companies, you will receive tokens. It is a type of digital investment in many industries, also in the art or real estate sector. Each of them belongs to a specific cryptocurrency and crypto investment firms. It is not possible to use tokens from one cryptocurrency with another one. They only are valid and functioning in the context of the cryptocurrency or crypto investment firms associated with them. You can find more information about the potential of blockchain, digital currencies and crypto investment firms in different industries in our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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An exception is the so-called token migration. In this case, complete projects from the token of the crypto investment firms are moved from one currency to the other. Only founders or administrators of a complete token project can accomplish this migration. It can’t be processed by buyers, owners or traders of individual tokens. It rarely occurs because it is very labor-intensive and risky. Cryptocurrencies themselves do not depend on tokens or crypto investment firms. They work without these as well. The digital objects are additionally made by entrepreneurs and IT developers of crypto investment firms to start a new project or business. Users of cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin) can trade with these tokens as well on exchanges. It does not matter if tokens of currencies exist. Among the most popular of these payment units are Tether, USD Coin, and Uniswap. All three are based on the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

How to create a token

To create a custom token, teams consisting of developers and entrepreneurs define functionalities and goals for their new means of payment in crypto investment firms. It involves a lot of public relations to make the entity famous. The culmination of the crypto investment firms is followed by the so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is the day on which the new digital money substitute is officially published. It is comparable to an initial public offering. ICOs proceed according to certain rules and allow investors to buy the new units. From a certain point in time, the new means of payment is then available for public. The success of a digital money and crypto investment firms depends, on many aspects. Mainly, on whether the goals previously set by the development team can be realized.

Crypto investment firms: Bitcci AG

bitcci crypto investment firms
Bitcci Cash is a payment option, but there is also an affiliate program (Source:

The Bitcci Cash Coin is developed in the Solidity programming language. This is a programming language that exists since 2014. It is used in the field of development of blockchain projects. Developers use Solidity mainly for projects in the field of the Ethereum blockchain. The Bitcci Cash token is developed for Ethereum. The cashtoken is based on the standards of Ethereum ERC20, the name is based on “Bitcoin” and „bitch“: “Bitcci Cash Token.“


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What is the goal of the Bitcci token and the crypto investment firms?

The goal of the developers of the crypto investment firms is to offer services in this industry. Also the payment for which is enabled by the company’s own financial unit will be possible. The range of services is very broad. Bitcci AG and Bitcci Cash’s business model focuses on adult industry and escort service. The spectrum of services is broad. They include everything from the operation of nightclubs to the supply of IT services for the industry. The motivation of the developers of the crypto investment firms is based on the problems that the industry has traditionally had to face. Poor regulations or standards for entrepreneurs and employees in the industry not only create a dubious reputation for the industry. They also cause disadvantages for the employees. These include poor access to health and retirement insurance, in addition to the common working conditions in the industry’s establishments. The crypto investment firms want to solve these issues via the blockchain potential. Employees are also covered by special benefits which is not common in the red light industries. Escort ladies receive health care and retirement insurance policies through the crypto investment firms vision. Bitcci AG’s approach to solve these problems is to provide a complete entertainment service exclusively through the use of the digital unit, as well as various digitalization initiatives. Customers and employees of the company-owned nightclubs thus work with a digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain-based payment is expected to provide the necessary transparency across the various establishments. The swiss blockchain company plans to open more nightclubs in Europe in the next few years to achieve this. Therefore also some sauna clubs in Switzerland are already connected to the system and opened. We will be happy to explain to YOU in our Investment4Insider Telegram group. how exactly crypto investment firms, blockchain and crypto can help create more transparency.

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crypto investment firms bitcci clubs
Bitcci AG has several nightclubs where Bitcci Cash can be used as a payment as well as Ethereum (Source:

The areas of work of Bitcci AG

The crypto investment firms approach covers four areas. The ERC20 token is used

– in own night clubs
– as a method of payment for portals and apps,
– for the payment of IT services and
– for the areas of advertising and consulting.

There are different ways to use Bitcci Cash. In the nightclubs, payment should already be made with the unit at the door. So, customers will buy their Bitcci Cash digital currency before the visit or right at the entrance. The payment will be made in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Traditional fiat money will not be accepted. Inside the club, all drinks and services get charged with Bitcci Cash.


In addition to the nightclubs, Bitcci AG also operates own IT services. Bitcci Cash is the only approved form of payment. Advertisements, services, software licenses and also consulting services for employees and freelancers are financed with the method. These projects such as the elaboration of industry-specific digital money units have gained importance in recent years. If YOU want to learn more about tokenization, blockchain or cryptocurrency portfolios, join our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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