HOW to get an instant bitcoin loan and 12% APY on deposits

instant bitcoin loan
Today its easy to borrow and lend cryptocurrency (Source:
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According to a survey with companies from the financial sector of Deloitte, a global operating accounting company, 43% named blockchain as one of the five most important aspects for strategic development of a company. 72% of companies surveyed considered blockchain as an important topic for business development.
At the same time, the crypto industry saw the development of more and more services that originated in the traditional financial world, like the instant bitcoin loan.
One of the big players in the recent rapid development of blockchain and cryptocurrency is the financial industry. Experts called it a niche, but it evolved into a wide field of currencies, tokens and service offerings in about 10 years.

What is a crypto banking platform?

Crypto banks are similar to traditional exchange platforms. A cryptobank is an online platform where anybody can store their digital money. Many crypto banks also allow buying and selling cryptos or exchanging them for various tokens and fiat money.

While a traditional exchange offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and has different methods for buying and selling in its program, banking platforms which are crypto friendly, usually only work with a limited number of currencies and tokens. Mainly they focus on currencies with high trading volumes, like Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin.
In addition to traditional exchanges there are various special features and services for the users.
The purchased coins are safe  in their secure system.

instant bitcoin loan
Today its easy to borrow and lend cryptocurrency (Source:

What is the difference between a crypto bank and an exchange?

The main difference to traditional exchanges is that crypto banking platforms pay interests for deposits and lend crypto funds, like an instant bitcoin loan. Customers also receive a percentage payment for their coins deposited on the bank.
The process of an instant bitcoin loan, lending a currency is comparable to a mortgage. However, no vehicles or real estate are used as collateral, but cryptocurrencies. It is different from what we know from traditional banks.
So, customers who want to take out an instant bitcoin loan have to deposit for example bitcoins or other digital coins as collateral on the platform so they can have an instant bitcoin loan.

instant bitcoin loan platform nexo
Nexo is a crypto platform to store cryptos: get 12% APY ! (Source:

What is an instant bitcoin loan?

An instant bitcoin loan is the ability to borrow or lend money based on cryptocurrencies. Any user or owner of crypto can participate in these transactions which are very popular right now.
In addition to major financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo, many new startups have also formed in the fintech sector to offer financial services like an instant bitcoin loan.

As with a traditional bank, interest is paid on an instant bitcoin loan. Comparable to traditional lending platforms, an instant bitcoin loan can also be taken out.

An instant bitcoin loan is a form of investment where you can also earn money as an indirect lender by depositing cryptocurrency and earning interests on it according to your deposit. The APY is up to 12% on your deposit on many currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and even on fiat currencies like Euros and Dollars.
Therefore the bank can provide an instant bitcoin loan to other users with the help of your funds. Platforms like Nexo, which we will discuss later, offer that kind of services. They secure the funds so that the lender is 100% safe.

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What is the idea of an instant bitcoin loan?

As the crypto industry expanded and cryptocurrencies emerged, a new way of storing and using cryptocurrency evolved.

In previous years, it was common to buy cryptocurrency and deposit it in a safe place. That can be a wallet directly on the exchange server. Some might prefer a decentralized wallet, such as Atomic.

And still others take the most consistent step and load their coins and tokens into an external wallet. It is then stored in a secure location at their convenience.

Instead of just depositing the digital money, buyers and investors can now store their coins and tokens on a new type of platform.

The idea behind an instant bitcoin loan is for users to put their Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies to work for them.

Why would an investor borrow cryptocurrency and pay interest if he already owns cryptocurrency?

1) Cashing out without selling

The answer is simple: he is speculating on the increase in the value of the security deposit. So, anyone who owns Bitcoins or any other currency and wants to cash out without selling his coins can take out an instant crypto loan. He can use the money for his own purposes, and profit from the profit when the value of the coin increases.

The crypto banking phenomenon has been gaining more and more followers since 2020. A number of providers have now emerged.

cash out

2) Fast and easy procedures of an instant bitcoin loan with collateral deposits

Instead of having to prove creditworthiness through individual queries, security deposits make the instant bitcoin loan possible. So another advantage of an instand bitcoin loan with collateral deposits is that borrowers do not have to go through bureaucratic procedures.

3) Crypto banking platform

One of the leaders in the field is Nexo, a cryptobanking platform founded in 2018. In the first three years It has already gained over 2 million users. Customers of the bank can work with over 40 fiat currencies on the platform.

How does Nexo work?

instant bitcoin loan with nexo
On Nexo you can easily borrow money and get an instant bitcoin loan (Source:

Ne xo is the name of the crypto lending platform of the English company Nexo Financial LLC. The company’s goal is to provide an instant bitcoin loan to customers from all over the world quickly and unbureaucratically through its online platform.

At the same time, investors who deposit cryptocurrencies in their accounts get interests. To do this, the company uses the crypto security deposit method outlined in this article.
Learn all about the features and even more important insider tips on how you can make big profits with the platform in THIS video:

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Loyalty level

On the Nexo platform, loans and investments exist of four levels. Subject to the percentage of Nexo tokens that an investor holds in his portfolio the four loyalty levels (basic, silver, gold and platinum) differ. For example, in the interest rate that a user pays or receives is also provided.

Those who own more Nexo tokens and leave them with the bank can receive more interest on their crypto deposits. For borrowers, a similar logic applies: the higher the share of Nexo tokens, the lower the interest rate payable on the instant bitcoin loan.

For users who own cryptocurrencies and deposit them on the platform, this option can be worthwhile: Nexo pays around 10% interest per year. That’s a multiple compared to the current offers of traditional banks. You get 10 USD in Bitcoins when you register with Nexo here.


Which coins are tradable on Nexo?

More than 15 cryptocurrencies are available to trade on the platform. The focus is on coins with high trading volumes (e.g. Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple), a number of stablecoins (e.g. Tether, TrueUSD and USD Coin) and the company’s token Nexo.

Like all customer-facing financial platforms, it offers a web interface as well as mobile apps for Android and IOS. Customers can also have a branded Mastercard which can be used to make payments worldwide via the Nexo platform. Whether it’s hotel bookings, clothing or ice cream at the beach, the Nexo card allows direct access to one’s credit on the platform.

To ensure the safety of the investments on the Nexo platform, the company has taken out insurance policies. The insurance value has been increased to USD 375 million over the last few years.

In this video you find more detailed information about NEXO and how to use it to get the best performance:

Savings account and granting of an instant bitcoin loan at Nexo.

Nexo offers its customers a range of services, such as buying and selling cryptocoins. Using their own Nexo card, the options of lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies are also particularly interesting.

The Nexo Coin plays an important role. It is used both to distribute interest and to set the interest level in the different investment packages. In our Investment4Insider Telegram group. you will find many users who are also into the topic of an instant bitcoin loan. Just take a look!


To this end, the platform offers a number of choices so that users can take out an instant bitcoin loan or make investments at various interest rates.

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