Profits in the Bullmarket: high potential crypto projects 2021

crypto projects 2021
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Now, there are many crypto projects 2021. Bitcoin was only theoretical until its first transaction in January 2009. At this point, the active period of cryptocurrencies began and Bitcoin entered the reality. Ten years later, there were already a variety of cryptocurrencies created by supporters of Bitcoin. These new crypto projects 2021 include a variety of cryptos and an even larger number of tokens. In this article, you will learn a lot about crypto projects 2021 and how you can take profits from the bull market.

crypto projects 2021
The tendency of a raising market is called also bull market (source:

The blockchain technology as a base

Many of the following crypto projects 2021 (but not all) use Bitcoin technology (Bitcoin blockchain) as a basis for developing additional or alternative cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is often referred to as the foundation for cryptocurrencies due it was the first cryptocurrency in the world.

Since with the Bitcoin blockchain there was already a professionally developed foundation on an open-source basis, many developers used this blockchain to create new crypto projects 2021 on this basis. For this purpose, the Bitcoin blockchain was adapted in some places by the developers. coins created in this way can be considered as a new version of Bitcoin.

crypto projects 2021
Blockchain has huge potential also for the defi sector (source:

The alternatives to bitcoin, are called alt coins. The first ones appeared in 2011 (Litecoin and Namecoin). 

There are two major groups of cryptos: Cryptos based on the Bitcoin blockchain and cryptos with their own blockchain. On our page YOU will learn the most important things about crypto projects 2021.

In addition, a number of crypto projects 2021 exist today developed on completely new blockchains. These have nothing in common with the Bitcoin blockchain. The best example of this is Ethereum. 

Ethereum exists since 2015 and has a specially developed blockchain on which developers can store additional programs. These include, for example, the tokens. Tokens are no altcoins. Anyone investing in cryptos should always have a safe place to store the coins. The Atomic Wallet is good for this. 

High potential crypto projects 2021

The following crypto projects 2021, in addition to Ethereum, gained attention in recent months and years. In our experience these are projects with a propounded background. These are no investment advices, just information about crypto projects 2021 with a high potential for the future use case.


Cardano also belongs to the group of high potential crypto projects 2021. The fact that the Cardano founder team also includes a member of the successful Ethereum blockchain has certainly contributed to this positive reputation.

The Cardano token ADA has recently caught the attention of analysts. Voices from the blockchain community claim that the coin has proven to be stable against strong short-term fluctuations. The reason cited for this is the coin’s calculation basis, which is different from some other major coins.

crypto projects 2021
Cardano has huge potential because of its valuable founder team (source:


The idea of Vechain is to improve supply chains and business operations by using blockchain technology. So unlike many other blockchains, Vechain has a tangible perceivable function in the real world. The developers of Vechain have articulated sustainability in the business world as one of their motivations. This is an interesting premise for investors of crypto projects 2021. 

crypto projects 2021
VeChains combines blockchain and the supply chain of industries (source:


Solana offers similar opportunities for developers as Ethereum. Since this blockchain is less frequented so far, the fees are currently lower, which is very interesting for both developers and investor). The platform is also associated with some very successful tokens and even social networks like TikTok have already taken notice of the platform’s apps. In recent months, many decentralized apps have been developed on Solana ecosystem, like a decentralized trading platform.

crypto projects 2021
Solana is a decentralized ecosystem with very low fees (source:

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Decentralized finance and tokens of crypto projects 2021 

How does decentralized finance work?

Decentralized means that no central institutions such as banks are involved, but that transactions are processed via decentralized blockchain networks. Behind this term is a new idea of financial investments that take place in a decentralized manner. DeFi is the abbreviation for decentralized finance. Traditional forms of investment such as savings accounts, loans and many others can thus take place in the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Many developers have used the opportunity to create DeFi products in recent years. To use these decentralized apps (Dapps), users need to buy the Ethereum coin Ether (one of the altcoins with potential in 2021). Ether replaces the fees investors would pay in a traditional banking system. The advantage of decentralized finance is that these fees are much lower than in traditional banks. 

Currently, the most widely used blockchain for this purpose is Ethereum. There are various reasons for this. Ethereum has already been on the market for a relatively long time. However, it is probably more decisive that developers can use Ethereum to develop their own applications on this platform.

Crypto projects 2021: NFTs as a hype investment

Another interesting form of investment besides Dapps are NFTs. The acronym stands for non-fungible tokens. These tokens have attracted huge attention in recent years. Art lovers in particular have taken notice of the tokens, as they have enabled a new form of digital art. Artists who previously suffered from the recopying of digital works were given a new opportunity to immortalize their creative works online with the tokens. 

By special platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible, new artwork can be created and traded digitally. With each resale, artists also receive a percentage. It allows them to profit from their art on the long term. 

Art lovers and investors have also discovered NFT for themselves. Many of the digital tokens are sold for the equivalent of a few hundred or even a few thousand euros. There is still plenty of room for investors in the NFT market as well. Smaller tokens in particular can increase in value in the coming years.

 Individual new classics of digital art (such as the works of Beeple) have already far surpassed the one million euro mark. That’s even more than many crypto projects 2021.

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Where do you get serious investment information about crypto projects 2021?

If you are interested in investing in the crypto sector, you cannot avoid the topic of decentralized finance and tokens (e.g. the currently interesting Cake token). Especially smaller crypto projects (so-called small cap projects) can often show high profit rates. It is not easy to find out the best small cap projects because you need a high expertise about the market and about the criteria how to search for projects with an use case for the future, as there are many scams also outside on the market.

Usually it takes hours for an expert, to find out interesting projects. You can get more information about interesting small caps at specific platforms like we present now. ​Here YOU will also learn a lot about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and investments.

Marketpeak platform

Marketpeak is a platform of the company Peak Tech which is based in Dubai. The mission is the education of  people around the world about blockchain or crypto projects 2021. You can learn how best to profit from big and small cap investments in the crypto space on the Marketpeak blockchain information and education platform. By registering on the Marketpeak platform, you can keep yourself up to date with the latest developments in small cap investing. What you learn with Marketpeak will also help you choose the best crypto projects 2021.

The Marketpeak platform is also based on its own token, which has the same name: Peak (or Peakdefi).


Exclusive investment tips

The highlight of Marketpeak are the exclusive investment coin tips and strategies. As already mentioned it takes a long time to research about crypto projects 2021. Marketpeak provides the members coins and exit strategies. The over all performance of the coins is very good, its up to some thousands percents.

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