Best crypto exchange –, Kraken or Binance review 

Binance is a very famous crypto exchange since 2017 (Source:
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To find the best crypto exchange is a very important question as the global attention to cryptocurrencies is exploding. While on the one hand experienced investors are taking advantage of the opportunities of decentralized finance. more and more newcomers are also have contact with cryptocurrencies. One of the first questions of investors is regarding the best crypto exchange. 

What is the best crypto exchange?

Analysts at Coinmarketcap put the number of crypto exchanges in 2021 at just over 300. The number of existing crypto exchanges cannot be determined. As with any market there is a permanent development. It is important to keep an overview. For this reason, we offer our article about the best crypto exchange. 

A crypto exchange is an online platform for trading cryptocurrencies. An exchange works like a bank or stock broker on the Internet. Users have to register an account. To buy cryptos they have yo deposit fiat money (for example Euros) there through a bank transfer, a credit card, a payment service provider or another form offered by the platform. This article on three of the best crypto exchange shows you their benefits.

best crypto exchange platform review
Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and is offered on every platform (Source:

Who can use the best crypto exchange?

Any Internet user can become a client. Due to the number of platforms that exist on the market today, there is also a certain pressure on providers to gain as many customers as possible. After all, just like with a stock broker, the same applies to a crypto exchange. 

Trading fees are the main profit of crypto exchanges 

Every purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies is associated with a fee. The platforms finance themselves with the trading fees. For the users significant differences among the fees exist. It is therefore a main criterium while choosing the best crypto exchange.

Especially for beginners, it is essential to know the differences between the providers. Some of these differences become clear in our article about the best crypto exchange. Active and experienced traders very often have many accounts on different platforms, as they want to take advantages. 

For beginners, on the other hand, it is important to find the best crypto exchange to get started. We want to help you to choose the best crypto exchange. Even though the choice is up to each individual, it is recommended to first use one of the best crypto exchange providers to get to know trading.

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Which best crypto exchange offers all cryptocurrencies?

A comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies can be found on the website, where various crypto exchanges are also listed. When registering on a platform, it is important to make sure that payments from your preferred fiat currency and from your area are accepted on the platform. All major platforms offer dozens or even hundreds of other currencies in addition to common coins.

The best crypto exchange for beginners

For beginners, it is initially important to find a serious and user-friendly platform that offers trading with the most common cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or other altcoins like Ethereum or Cardano. This article explains the most important details to strategically choose the best crypto exchange.

Due to the actual more than 6000 different cryptocurrencies available, which are rapidly increasing it is not possible that every platform offers every single coin or token. Many of them are also interesting for beginners. 

The exchangeplatform does not have to be located in your home country. However, especially for newcomers from the eurozone, it is important that the euro can be used as a means of payment. This is always the case with the best crypto exchange providers. 

The best crypto exchange for experienced investors 

Also the best crypto exchange we describe here is not offering all coins. Especially smaller currencies or tokens often are only available on some exchanges. These very special currencies are for advanced investors who have a high knowledge in the crypto and blockchain field. 

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For advanced users, there are also other options: for example, individual cryptocurrencies can be purchased with other cryptocurrencies. For this case, fiat money like the euro is not relevant. On the other hand, it is important to get to know the best crypto exchange. If you want to learn more about blockchain, bitcoin and crypto lifestyle, join our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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Best crypto exchanges: 3 platforms compared

1) Binance

best crypto exchange binance
The most famous crypto exchange is (Source:

Binance has extended the cryptoexchange market in recent years. Founded in Asia in 2017, the company has attracted attention with spectacular growth. This is very special to other platforms. With over $26 billion in trading volume, Binance is the market leader. It now outperforms competitors in many ways. 

Binance currently operates two trading platforms to meet the legal requirements of different countries. 

Customers from the US can use the platform. The rest of the world uses the regular platform. In addition to its own coin, Binance also launched various token. This is also an USP.’s website is complex and professionally designed as a regular investment platform. Other providers of the article of the best crypto exchange have simpler websites. Nevertheless, there is also various information for newcomers on Binance’s site. This is less obvious at first glance than with Kraken, for example. In our crypto exchange comparison, Kraken therefore gets an advantage there, you will read about that later on. If you want to learn more about Binance or another best crypto exchange, then drop by our Investment4Insider Telegram group.

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Customers of the platform can use over 40 fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrencies. This is the highest number of the best crypto exchange review. Nine currencies are available to withdraw funds to a personal bank account. Customers from Europe can use this way for withdrawals, but they have to make a card payment to purchase cryptocurrencies. Binance customers have a record number of nearly 400 cryptocurrencies to invest in daily. Customers can store their coins in their own wallet on the platform or in an external wallet.



best crypto exchange
For decentralized finance and experienced investors is a very nice choice (Source:

The platform Crypto is a quite young company. The company, which is often referred to as, was created in 2018 from Monaco Technologies GmbH, a company founded two years earlier. As the previous name shows it was originally a project from the German-speaking region. 

Like many other companies from the industry, the company changed its headquarters over the years in order to be better positioned strategically and regarding the competition. Today,’s headquarters are in Hong Kong. Another office is registered on Cayman Islands. started its operations by issuing and managing credit cards. This business was initially aimed primarily at customers in Asia and North America. Over time further business areas were developed. This included the expansion of the own trading platform and the development of its own coin (CRO), which currently also was growing. 

An important area of the platform is various forms of investment in cryptocurrencies. The assets are stored in the DeFi Wallet, which is part of the platform. is more than just one of the best crypto exchange. 

The company has taken the step towards decentralized financial investments and can thus attract experienced traders as clients. The platform works with seven fiat currencies. These include EUR, USD, and GBP, among others. You can get a lot more information on crypto investing and decentralized finance in our Investment4Insider Telegram group. 

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Currently, more than 120 cryptocurrencies are available for trading via’s trading platform. Compared to the best crypto exchange this is just a medium value. The daily trading volume is around 500 million USD. Therefore is not one of the very large providers, but it is in the upper third.

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3) Kraken

best crypto exchange kraken
Kraken is based in USA and is very interesting especially for beginners (Source:

The Kraken crypto exchange is based in the United States and is among the top 40 in the world. It is owned by Payward Inc. started in 2013. Currently, about one hundred different cryptocurrencies are available for trading. With a trading volume of around one billion USD per day. 

Just like, customers can also work with seven fiat currencies at Kraken. These include EUR, USD and CHF. Kraken does not offer a wallet. On their blog, however, they advocate using an established wallet like Trezor or Ledger. This is where the platform differs from the best crypto exchange in our article.

Kraken’s website has a very simple structure. One focus is providing information for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies. The company’s growth strategy is clearly aimed at attracting new customers who had just little contact with cryptocurrencies. This is what makes Kraken unique. We also discuss these and other topics in our Investment4Insider Telegram group, which you are welcome to join for free to connect with the community.

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Kraken use a customer-friendly vocabulary on their website. While other platforms use the common term “fiat currency“, Kraken works with the term “cash”. By doing so, they try to make it easier for beginners to start with cryptocurrencies. This approach can be seen in other sections as well. For example, the company maintains a list of all the countries in the world whose residents can open an account. Through this offer, the company communicates in a few steps what options are available around the world. Customer friendliness is an important criteria for one of the best crypto exchange compared.

The level of fees 

best crypto exchange fees
Platforms income is mainly from the trading fees so there is sometimes a huge difference (Source:

A frequently mentioned criteria that has not been mentioned so far in the article of the best crypto exchange is the level of fees. Here, it is up to the individual user to compare the current values from the platforms’ websites. The fact we already mentioned that all platforms are financed by fees. However, the fees may vary or be adjusted over time. In times of expansion providers usually emphasize the low level of their fees.


As the best crypto exchange comparison of, Kraken and Binance shows, the market currently offers a variety of providers for beginners and advanced users. The profiles of the companies are quite different. 

Binance clearly stands out due to its rapid expansion. Other platforms, such as Kraken, on the other hand, focus on new customers and newcomers to the crypto sector with detailed information., highlight their activities in the decentralized finance and investment area. Most platforms (but not all) also offer a wallet. Feel free to join our Investment4Insider Telegram group for additional informations.

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