Our Bitcci review – a blockchain company with a shining future?

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Blockchain has quickly developed into a real industry, with various realized projects. Especially the newcomer investors in the blockchain field have no overview in the mass of projects.

They look for sustainable and strategic projects to invest in, with realistic objectives, like we will present you in our Bitcci review. Practical innovations are not always behind the projects.

This can definitely lead to confusion. 

This industry is NOT digitalized yet!

It is the escort industry which is definitely flourishing but it is not very trendy regarding the available technologies. Nevertheless are still numerous unsolved problems in this area.

The BitcciAG faces those issues through digitalization opportunities and first of all the use of Blockchain technology. 

Our Bitcci review shows that the group of companies has taken a good approach to solving the existing problems. BitcciAG consistently implements solutions.

The company can draw on a great economic background, as it consists of several companies based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Bitcci review

Bitcci review: underestimated emerging company 

It is about the erotic sector. The group of companies moves into an area that serves a large demand in a long-established economy.

In this segment, the company BitcciAG developed a cash and payment token to use in the escort industry. This is ultimately one of the reasons why you should join the ICO.

It is a well-known wisdom that “beauty and s** sells“. The Bitcci review seems that maybe that this demand is exclusively related to the Internet, only online.

However, this is not the case. This is true despite the fact that this field is rarely talked about publicly.

The already existing numerous experiences and our Bitcci review show clearly advantages of the company. If you are also interested in the blockchain sector, it is even more interesting for you to see which ideas already implemented and which ideas are planned.

We show our experiences with one blockchain company in our Bitcci review. An organization that definitely pursues a new innovation.

crypto investment firms bitcci
Our Bitcci review shows you a diamond in the area of blockchain (Source: www.bitcci.to)

A new environment on and offline

Although the core of the entrepreneurial activity refers to the escort industry, the Bitcci review shows the combination of innovative business areas and technological products. 

Even unique designed nightclubs connected to the ecosystem are among the innovations. There are already quite a few sauna club and nightclub operators, as well as affiliates and investors, who participate in the ecosystem and profit. 

The core points are also the IT portal as well as the company’s own management software. This goes along with payment app solutions including corresponding payment cash token.

The BitcciAG has developed the corresponding technological infrastructure for this itself.

Bitcci review: pragmatic solutions

One of the main problems the escort industry faced since the digitalization and emerging technologies like the blockchain is the lagging behind other industries. An already existing gap can only be made up if there is trust in the digital environment.

Therefore, the founder created a completely new digital ecosystem including payment environment for this industry. The key facts of this environment are criteria such as acceptance, trust and transparency under the aspects of decentralization as well as the consideration of regulation.

That means they focus on decentralization as well as cooperations with the law entities.

bitcci network crypto investment firms
Bitcca is an ERC20 Token and brings the escort industry to the blockchain (Source: www.bitcci.to)

Big plans for the future

The company already expresses other plans for the future. This is also strengthened by the positive Bitcci review. An extremely ambitious and innovative project in this context is also the restructuring of the bitcciNightclubNetwork (short form bNN).

It is aimed at the Bitcci review of other customers. The bNN is primarily intended for nightclubs that belong to the “premium class” category.

Especially in this segment, the group will look very focused on the Bitcci review of the clients , as this is a global market. The bNN is an already existing network to which sauna clubs of the upscale segment belong on a global level.

Management Software Bitcciclub 

One example is “bitcciclub”,  a club management software. It can be integrated in already established systems.

Efficient activity management allowed for operators of sauna clubs or nightclubs. Also the club managers can use the whole ecosystem. 

The fact that the positive Bitcci review is based on practical experience also speaks in favor of the group of companies. In Switzerland four of the largest sauna clubs have already positive experiences and have licenses from the software.


One of the reasons why the management software “bitcciclub” provided particularly positive experiences for the managers of these establishments is the representation of a very low expense for the operators. 

It is currently very strongly assumed that in the near future more clubs will carry out a corresponding license of this software. This will then again impact the Bitcci review, which in turn will open the door wide to other clients for the enterprise software.

bitcci review cash token
Bitcca (BitcciCash) is the payment token of the ecosystem and a mean of investment capital (Source: www.bitcci.to)

Unique ERC20 Payment Token

As the main payment is in cryptocurrencies, a key component therefore is the digital payment ecosystem. Especially for this they developed the payment token “bitcci cash” (bitcca).

The ERC-20 token is still new on the market. We report about it on in our Bitcci review.

Primarily, bitcci cash is to be used in the company’s own ecosystem. All products and services can be paid with bitccicash. 

Opportunities for blockchain investors 

Shareholdings in the company will also be issued as shares distributed and calculated in Bitccicash. For the Bitcci review we purchased the Bitccicash token immediately after the presale.

As the value of the company continues to increase, so does the value of the equity investment as well. 

The entire ecosystem is blockchain-based, so investor’s participation is also handled via blockchain technology. This is particularly interesting for investors in the blockchain area.

The company’s own app as well as the company’s own portal will accept Bitccicash as a means of payment. 

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The nightclubs and sauna clubs are very busy so they expect also many new clubs in the near future. Of course the sauna clubs will accept bitccicash as well as in nightclubs that are already using the Bitcciclub management software.

Benefit financially from bitcciCash and the affiliate system 

Bitcci offers a referral program with a direct commission of 25 percent of the revenue. This means if you are an active investor, starting from 100 CHF, you get an access to the affiliate opportunity.

This even includes a personal landing page, direct commissions in three levels and a personal dashboard with media. 

Bigger investors participate automatically in the marketing campaigns. This means that new investors automatically will be registered directly to your account and the commissions directly goes into your wallet!

If you participate in the ICO you can benefit from the growth of the group. The phase has been launched. The token has been distributed to an offer of 100 billion as well as 50 billion in 5 phases. 

There is a maximum value of 10 billion tokens for each phase. In Switzerland, the group has already launched several marketing campaigns. These focus on the awareness of the company and the Bitcci review quickly.


bitcci review cash token
the purpose of the bitccicash token (Source: www.bitcci.to)

Last but not least: Regulation and transparency 

In the escortindustry there is a lack of regulation and transparency. This issue the company wants to solve too.

For this, the group of companies has already laid a first foundation with bitcciID. bittciID is a solution on a forensic basis, which should enable the verification of the identity cards of the workers by means of the so-called interface BittciConnect. 

bitcci review bitcciID
BitcciID is one of the common projects of BitcciAG (Source: www.bitcci.to)

Also in this project there are good experiences for our Bitcci review, because the regulatory authorities can access the interface and perform the verification in real time. 

All regulatory standards are met. accordingly BitcciAG receives the status of an “exemplary” group of companies from the regulatory side. In this case a positive Bitcci review also from the government side comes into the success diary.

This milestone became particularly valuable for the company, as companies in connection with the escort industry quickly fall into the light of a dubious industry. Our Bitcci review shows they definitely improve the negative reputation and bring more transparency to the industry.


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Building the clubs themselves

The extremely ambitious plans and the realization is based on a precise roadmap. The roadmap initially includes ten nightclubs across Europe, the construction of which is to be completed by the end of 2022.

After Europe, clubs are also built all over the world. The company is not only targeting existing clubs with bNN.

It plans to build the clubs itself. Bitcci thus wants to create the environment for the Bitcci review itself and also offer own products in the self-created environment. 

In this way, maximum Bitcci review experiences are offered to members. However, if one looks at the Bitcci review of the clients from the “bitcciclub” so far, the prerequisites are quite good.

Our Bitcci review so far successes in implementation.

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