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We the Team from Investment4Insider want to welcome you to our blog introduce us to you briefly: 

 Martin: “Hi, I’m Martin, proud family man and live in beautiful Munich. My dream is to be able to live completely location-independent with my family and have lots of time for my kids! In 2017 I came across crypto currencies and Bitcoin. Since then I have followed the whole industry and its development very closely and then in 2018 I finally entered into crypto investments myself. I have been involved with countless investment opportunities for many years and have had experiences with a wide variety of products, but my passion is mainly the blockchain & fintech industry. My vision is a complete digital & anonymous financial market accessible to everyone.”


Marion: “Hey, I’m Marion, proud mom of two wonderful children. During my parental leave I realized how valuable time together with my family is. Looking for a way to work from home and flexible time, we decided to start an online business. I have been interested in the topics of blockchain and fintech ever since I studied technology and management-oriented business administration in beautiful Munich. Since my final thesis on the topic of coaching, the desire to pass on my knowledge to people has been burning inside me.”


Rob: “Hi, I’m Rob and I’m originally from Munich. Back then, I didn’t want to be chained down by companies anymore, but wanted to freely arrange my working hours. But above all, I wanted to be independent of location. Today I live in Greece and am a content manager at Blockchain Hero, one of the biggest news portals for cryptocurrencies & MarketPeak a fintech startup. I also work for Sergej Heck one of the most successful entrepreneurs in our industry.”



Elisabeth: “Hi, I’m Eli and I am from Vienna, Austria. Since I studied in Sardinia economy I wanted to be more than in a holiday per year on island. Today I work location independent so I made my dream come true, which I had 3 years ago, while I was walking in the same office everyday: being in Vienna and Thailand, without being forced to go back home because my holidays are over. I tapped into the blockchain industry some years ago, and it fascinated me from the beginning also when it was hard to understand. Today I combine my passion&interest in the cryptomarket with work which motivates me even more to show people those opportunities  of digitalization,  cryptocurrencies and decentralization.


We hope we can minimize your risk. After all, investing is supposed to be fun!

In this sense: Let your investment rock!

Your Team from Investment4Insider